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Topsector Agri en Food

The top sector Agri & Food is one of the nine top sectors in which the Netherlands excels worldwide. Businesses, universities, governments and civil society work together on knowledge and innovation, globalization, human capital and to reduce pressure to make this position even stronger. The top sector Agri & Food has to be the ambition world leader in successful solutions to global challenges in agriculture and nutrition. More specifically, our Knowledge and Innovation Agenda focuses on the following components:

  • Tasty, healthy and safe food for a growing world population;
  • Climate-neutral and robust food systems;
  • Circularity and resource efficiency of chains and food systems;
  • Strengthening innovation and earning power industry;
  • Creating added value in successful chains.

Topsector Agri & Food stimulates new knowledge and innovations, primarily through the creation and funding of research and innovation. This not only involves basic and applied research, but also for valorization.