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TIMAC Agro Nederland BV

With its broad product range, TIMAC Agro Nederland BV is a specialist in the field of animal nutrition, fertilisers and hygiene products for the agricultural sector. As part of the worldwide Roullier Group, TIMAC Agro Nederland BV supplies its distribution partners and end users with patented and high-quality products. Thanks to the daily efforts of our product specialists and in partnership with our distributors. TIMAC Agro is able to supply end-users in cattle farming and the agricultural and horticultural sectors with high-level support and advice in their daily operations. Roullier Group is an independent innovative family business that has specialised in plant, animal, and human nutrition for 55 years. Roullier Group owns a portfolio of businesses and brands that are synonymous with the core values of quality and precision. Roullier Group has an annual turnover of €3.1 billion and 8,000 employees, almost half whom work outside of the French home market. The business group has a local presence in 50 countries, owns 78 production locations worldwide, and is commercially active in more than 115 countries. Local branches, performance, and innovation are the keywords underlying the annual growth of this group. International partnerships with universities, research institutes and an R&D department with more than 150 employees ensure continuous innovation within the Group.

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