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Richard Bloemsma

Trying to find that one person who is perfect for the position, is the best job in the world. Achieving that kind of success gives me immense satisfaction, and the response of satisfied clients and happy candidates is the icing on the cake. I see it as a fun puzzle, trying to find the missing piece in order to contribute to the growth of businesses. At Nomilk2day, and at an international agency for the seven years before, I have specialised in mediating candidates within the manufacturing sector. It is an interesting world, where technology, innovation and ambition meet.


My experience with a face-to-face marketing agency at the start of my career enabled me to gain plenty of insight into human nature, making it easy for me to quickly assess candidates. As a child, I was already striving to be the best at everything I undertook. In this way I have been able to achieve a lot as a sales person and, later on, as a trainer of new employees. After seven excellent years as a managing consultant with an international agency, I have learned the tricks of the trade and have gained an extensive network and plenty of fine clients. Personal contact with clients is very important to me, and I love hearing how candidates fare in their new workplace. We regularly run into each other in the manufacturing industry. I joined Nomilk2day as a managing partner as of 1 November 2017. It is an excellent business that was set up by two of my former colleagues. It is an excellent match between three men sharing the same ambition.


I want to achieve optimal results for my clients and candidates alike: the perfect match that will stand the test of time. The ideal is to achieve growth and a pleasant cooperation for both parties.


I love to spend time with my wife and four children. I have a ten-year-old daughter, and three younger sons. The boys share their father's passion for football. At the weekend, I enjoy going to watch them play. I also enjoy going on holiday with my wife and children: skiing, adventurous holidays, or camping. I absolutely devour books on management and enjoy going out for dinner, either with friends or with the family. I am an active member of the Round Table.