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Oebele Smeding

We spend most of our lives at work, so it makes sense to put energy into it and ensure that it's in line with our deepest desires and motivations. Because when what drives us is aligned with what our work requires of us, we're happy employees. Uncovering these motivations in people gives me energy!


Following my career quest through various management and sales positions, it turns out that employment services is the best possible job for me. The variety, the depth, and the combination of professional and personal aspects mean that I work with enormous enthusiasm every single day. When I was studying Commercial Economics and HRM, I became fascinated by the organisation required for building large-scale constructions. The pyramids in Egypt, too. The ancient Egyptians were able to construct gigantic buildings without the aid of modern hoisting equipment. How do you do something like that? You need excellent organisation, but it takes vision as well. How do get such big groups of people motivated? That question is the main theme of my work. I'm looking for professionals who are a fit for the vision, strategy and culture of the organisation for which I'm conducting the search.


The idea of tapping into someone's intrinsic motivation fascinates me. What is it that makes someone want to do certain tasks, even if they're not getting paid for it? I'm passionate about the search for this motivation in people, and about finding the right combination with the ideal workplace in which they can do this.


Then you can find me outdoors in my running gear. Three times a week I do a 5-8km run in the nature reserve around our house. My oldest daughter, who's six, rides her bike along with me. I do it to keep fit, but it also keeps me sharp at work. I also love exploring with my wife and two daughters, by going for walks. In the rare moments that you find me on the couch, then I enjoy reading literature and books on leadership and motivation.