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Excutive Search

Why choose us?

Finding the perfect match between a top job and top candidate is no easy feat. Nomilk2day can help you. We have years of experience in recruitment and executive search for the agribusiness, food and industry sectors, with an extensive network at our disposal. Our head hunters understand your industry. Moreover, we always pay attention to the unique added value of each candidate and closely involve our clients in the selection process. This significantly increases your chances of a perfect match!

Extensive network

We have an extensive national and international network within agribusiness, food & industry. This network is our basis for finding the best candidates. We also actively involve our network as an informer, as it were, in order to find the right people. No old boys' network, in other words, but a professional social network that enables us to reach the very best candidates and business, and vice versa.

Agri, food & industry are happening

We specifically focus on candidates and businesses in the agribusiness, food & industry sectors. We have experienced these areas of expertise ourselves and are still in constant connection with and keep up to date with them. Our client base consists of global multinationals, as well as smaller and medium-sized (family) businesses at home and abroad. We take the time for everyone, clients and candidates alike, to really get to know them.

Transparency in the recruitment process

Going the extra mile and only being satisfied with the best result, is what characterises Nomilk2day. We believe that the recruitment process should be open and transparent. That is why we keep clients and candidates meticulously informed about any developments during our quest for candidates. We believe transparency is one of the main keys to success!

Inspiring stories

Few things have a more profound effect on people than the search for a job. Isn't it merely logical that you would want to know everything there is to know about a business, their ambitions, and the position? Nomilk2day interviews clients and candidates about working for these organisations. Stories with directors and managers that inspire!

Specialist in the top end of the labour market

We specialise in recruitment & executive search. This means we focus specifically on mid and high-level professionals, managers and directors at Bachelor's and Master's level with several years of successful work experience. Positions for the leaders of today and tomorrow, with a proven track record in the business.

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