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Tim en Eric

Managing Director & Commercial Director At Barentz Animal Nutrition

With a fresh team and wonderful innovations, Barentz Animal Nutrition is working hard to strengthen its position in the animal nutrition and pet food markets. We talked about the direction and the new face of Barentz.

The new version of Barentz Animal Nutrition has a solid foundation. Having hired new managers, nutritionists, and sales people, the animal nutrition team of Barentz is well on its way to strengthening its position in the feed market. Recent acquisitions have contributed to this, especially the changes at the headquarters of the Doetinchem division have created a nice fresh dynamism and rapid growth. All this is done in a culture where entrepreneurship and customer-focused thinking is key, says Tim. 'We want to expand our position in the feed market. We have got the products, but we needed a foreign strategic repositioning to facilitate sustainable growth.' This fresh new vibe is clearly noticeable among the current team. 'We have created a close team of people who want to work together to create wonderful things.'


'Barentz is a powerful and financially strong group; specifically known for our proteins, the amino acids of AgriNutrition which we acquired, and the vitamins traded by Global Ingredients. In addition to bulk, the focus is also shifting to products with added value, whereby we are actively looking for new solutions. We are going to develop customer-specific products, blend raw materials and products from our portfolio, and provide custom-made all-round care for our customers. Eric summarises the new direction as 'New innovations whereby we focus on bringing together our suppliers' knowledge and our customers' needs. These will form an important part of our new strategy.' Accordingly, the new mission statement is 'From source to solution'.

'Barentz is not a follower,' Tim adds. 'On the contrary, we aim to a take a leading and progressive role. In recent months, the group's strategy was aimed at entering new partnerships and attracting new suppliers who are in line with the implementation of our strategy. We know exactly what we want. Our goal as the middleman is for all parties to benefit: our suppliers in terms of growth and innovation, and our customers through added value. We are going for a joint result, in other words! Time to roll up our sleeves, which means that our Doetinchem division is looking for employees who can carry out the ambitions and plans as set out by the team.


Of the current team contributing to this goal, a large proportion was hired in the past year. 'Everyone is very focused on building.' Tim sees his team as the new kid on the block: 'People are not yet familiar with the new Barentz Animal Nutrition. It is up to us to convince the market that we are the go to supplier for added value and all-round care.' Pet food is also an important pillar here; carried by the Vitablend antioxidants (also part of Barentz) and the large product portfolio of Roquette Freres. In addition, we also have enormous potential for custom-made solutions. 'An excellent opportunity for people who want to make their mark. Building up the business is exactly where the challenge lies at the moment, so anyone ready to face this challenge should join Barentz. It is a real challenge, however, and far from an easy ride: you have to get out there and sort things out yourself,' Tim indicates. 'Incredibly exciting and motivating!' in Eric's opinion. 'This requires entrepreneurial people with a healthy dose of perseverance.'


Taking up a different place in the market is synchronised with current affairs at play in the sector, including sustainability and animal well-being. Eric and Tim see plenty of opportunities, specifically in the specialties such as phytogens and yeasts. This is what the new sales manager should focus on, according to Eric. 'He or she will look into what we can do in terms of product development, choice, and origin, to become more sustainable and to increase animal well-being. In addition to positioning this business in the Benelux, there is also the option to tackle other opportunities. In the long-term, supporting our other branches in Europe is also an option in this transition. An adventurous attitude would be useful, in other words.'

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