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Rob Goossens

Throughout my career in high-tech, I have seen the impact of digitisation, robotisation, and sensor technology on products and business processes. It is a fascinating world, in which people make the difference. This was one of the reasons I joined Nomilk2day. This agency has the ambition to put the innovative industry at the forefront by matching the right candidate to the right position.


At the start of my career with ATAG, I was involved in the development of a modern central heating boiler, which made excellent progress with respect to reliability by using sensor technology. We then started developing the market for digitally printed swimwear. STORK was the first company to do so. A few years later, I was given the opportunity to contribute to the production of lightweight composite parts for the F35, also known as the JSF, at Fokker in Hoogeveen. The smart factory was not only fascinating to me, but also to the media. The "Fokker invests in a flawless factory" headline sparked interest from even the likes of Lockheed Martin.

In addition to being an Executive Search specialist for Nomilk2day, I am the CEO of Added Technologies in Emmen, the first shared smart factory in the Netherlands. There, clients can manufacture their products in an environment where knowledge development is happening in the field of process innovation by specialists, knowledge institutes, and entrepreneurs.


I want to do meaningful work in the Dutch high-tech industry. Through my work at Nomilk2day, I am involved in many interesting issues for which I can apply the knowledge I have gained in various different management positions, as well as my network, in order to make a difference for candidates and clients alike.


I like to spend time at home with my five children. When they are all at home, it gets very busy but it's a lot of fun as well. My wife is an excellent cook and I enjoy firing up the barbecue. You'll also catch me riding my mountain bike at least once every weekend, and during the week I regularly visit the fitness centre. My favourite holiday destinations are Italy and Thailand; I adore the climate and foods of those countries.