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Marina Selles

Where did your story start?

I trained as an executive secretary and then spent eight years working at PEC Zwolle in various supporting roles. A tip from a former colleague made me aware of Nomilk2day, where they were seeking someone to fill the position of Office Manager. Not only did the profile really appeal to me, but I was very enthusiastic thanks to our discussions. I quickly had a good feeling about this organisation. A dynamic, young working environment to which I enjoy contributing.

What drives you as a person?

I enjoy working in an environment where all kinds of things are going on. I like being at the hub. It means that I can give my colleagues the best possible support with their work.

And when you are not at work?

I'm a real social creature, so I enjoy spending time with family and friends. To stay active, I can be found on my racing bike around Zwolle on a regular basis. I also enjoy riding a motorbike, and in the winter months I love winter sport!

What I like best is being in the centre of an organisation, keeping things running smoothly and serving as a point of contact for clients, candidates and colleagues. If there's a dynamic and pleasant environment as well, then that's when I perform at my best.