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Jan Gert Roest

Despite its modest geographical size, the Netherlands is a global powerhouse when it comes to agriculture. Our changing world constantly throws us new challenges that require us to be inventive. For many years, my daily work has been to talk to those involved in coming up with solutions to these challenges. I work in the horticulture and arable farming sector for Nomilk2day, and it’s an area I find particularly stimulating.


My passion for agriculture began at an early age. Looking back, it’s actually very sweet, as I was the only one of six brothers and sisters with any interest is this area. My course in business studies at Aeres University of Applied Sciences and many years of experience at Aeres Agree (formerly Agrojobs) only made me more interested in the sector and the people who work in it.

My work in recruiting and selecting talent in agribusiness and horticulture gives me a peek into all  kinds or areas; from animal nutrition to seed breeding and flower export. My personal mission is to be a reliable search partner, whether it concerns a company looking for that elusive talent, or a professional looking for a new challenge.


My focus is on getting results while respecting the human aspect. When a professional takes a step forward in his or her career, it always gives me a sense of satisfaction, and seeing an employer able to fill a vacancy and ensure successful business continuity energises me. Searching for talent allows me to express my creativity. I enjoy bringing hidden values to the surface; it shows the importance of the recruitment process, which is the reason I’m here.


I’m a family man, so I love spending time with my family. Doing odd jobs around the house and garden relaxes me, and I also enjoy reading. Other pleasures include exploring natural areas with others, and being distracted by a dose of culture. Tasty products from the agricultural sector stimulate my senses. It’s a great feeling to turn them into a delicious meal for family or friends!

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Quantitative Geneticist
Resistance Breeder