Poultry Veterinarian

Coren Group

Exciting and versatile position for a veterinarian who wants to advice, control and develop the collaboration with poultry farmers on topics like animal welfare, management, weight control and production monitoring.


COREN GROUP is one of the biggest cooperatives in Spain, with 6.000 families involved, and 3.500 employees.The turnover of the company is more than 1.000 M Eur. The company produces pork, chicken, turkey and beef, and they control all the productive chain, including farms, feeding plants, slaughterhouses, cold stores and commercial facilities. Coren sells fresh/frozen raw material (meat) and also fresh/frozen elaborated products, cured hams, sausages, and canned products. Their main market is the delivery to distributors and supermarkets.


As a Poultry Veterinarian at Coren you will advise, control and develop the collaboration with the farmers. Your main responsibilities are to monitor and improve the assigned farms on:

  • Weight control
  • Animal welfare and management
  • Knowledge of the optimum state of the animals
  • Knowledge of profitability
  • Production monitoring
  • Economic management

To achieve this results you will:

  • Monitor the weight and uniformity of weight. To do this, it will be necessary to carry out timely weight checks.
  • Monitor the food consumption, in order to control the condition of the animals and their economic profitability.
  • Control of the correct vaccinations: it will be the operators of the farms themselves who carry out the prescribed vaccinations; however, it will be the responsibility of the veterinarian to carry out the appropriate controls for their correct application.
  • Control of the health status of animals on farms.
  • Supervision of sampling (basically blood samples and salmonella controls to check the health of the animals and the effectiveness of vaccinations).
  • Control of the mortality rates of the animals of the assigned farms, making timely reports and reporting possible alarms.
  • Control of the production of eggs in each farm (control of egg laying by day, per week, etc.) and elaboration of the pertinent reports.


To fulfil this position you will need a university Degree in Veterinary Science. You must speak fluent Spanish and have the ability to work and communicate closely with the farmers. On a Personal level, you are:

  • Proactive;
  • Result driven;
  • Analytical in your work and able to explain the data to several audiences;
  • A master in Planning and Organization.



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